flocking applications

Applications Overview
Flock is applied as a surface finish providing a number of added benefits to the parent product. It provides a decorative covering that reduces glare, condensation, noise and vibration. It gives a warm soft feel to otherwise hard and cold surfaces. Cheap and poor quality materials become luxurious.
      Car Interior     
Automobiles and other Vehicles
Flock is used extensively in car and other vehicle interiors. It is used to provide decorative finishes in new cars on glove and coin boxes, head linings, door trim and various other parts. It is also used on the window rubbers to provide a non abrasive running surface that does not freeze to the windows in the winter.
Rally cars and custom cars frequently have dashboards, door cards and other parts flocked. How to flock a dashboard
                         Flocked Packaging           

Packaging and Advertising Displays
Flock is colourful and gives products a 3 dimensional appeal that is put to good use in product packaging and shop displays. Most small items such as jewellery and watches are displayed on flocked stands or trays which make the products stand out.

Product packaging is usually made from cardboard, polystyrene or vac formed plastic which is inexpensive but looks cheap. Flock coating gives a cost effective, rich and luxurious finish that belies the underlying surface.
                           Wall Paper           Construction and Decorating
Flocked products are widely available for use in the interior and exterior decoration of buildings and homes. Concrete tunnels and structures can be flock coated to totally change their appearance and feel. Most materials can be flock coated which allows artistic flair to be expressed through out a building. At one end of the product range hard wearing carpets and rugs are manufactured using the flocking process while velour curtains are also flocked.     
      Flocked Furniture           Interior Furnishings
Interior designers are now using flocked coatings on a large number of items used to furnish our homes. Starting with the traditional lining of cupboards and drawers with green flock or baize as it is sometimes mistaken for and moving on to complete pieces of furniture, chandeliers, mirror frames, curtains, wall paper and soft furnishings.     
      Flocked Paper           Paper Products
Flock adds value and integrity to a wide range of paper products. Children's colouring cards and books often have flocked outlines and pictures. These can be wrapped in flocked paper and accompanied by a flocked birthday or Christmas card and carried in a flocked gift bag. The thank you note can be written on flocked stationary and put into a flocked envelope.
Posters, calendars, labels, book covers and packaging come in a diverse range of flocked patterns and colours.
Card coffee cup holders are flocked to give thermal insulation to the user.     
      Flocked Coinbox           Bags & Display Cases
Flock coatings are applied to the inside of a vast number of display and storage cases. Ranging from the small items like ring boxes, glasses cases and samples boxes and increasing in size through camera and binocular cases and on up to musical instrument cases.
Drawing instruments and pen gift boxes, knife covers and engineering and medical instrument boxes are all enhanced by the flock giving both protection and a decorative finish.     
      Flocked Dress           Clothes and Jewellery
Where does one start when it comes to the fashion industry. Flock has been in and out of fashion over the ages and at the moment it is back in fashion. The soft 3D finish is used from the foot upwards, starting with shoes and moving up the flocked tights to the undergarments, ribbons, covering on catches and fasteners to the simply or ornate dresses and headgear.
On the more casual garments flock patterns are applied to jeans, T shirts, belts and scarves. The list is as endless as the diversity of colours, patterns and styles that can be achieved. 3 dimensional embossing of the flock gives an even richer look and feel to the garments and accessories. Flock is often mixed with prints and embroidery to give a truly vibrant effect. Using different lengths and colour mixes the fabric changes colour when viewed from different angles. Adding in trilobal flock adds a sparkle to the surface.     
      Flocked Curtains           Textiles
Textiles are flocked in a numbers of ways. The simplest method uses iron on or heat transfer of preflocked prints or pictures. This tends only to be done on cheaper garments. The most widely used process for the production of individual garments with smaller prints such as T shirts or designer fabrics, utilises a stationary silk screen to print the adhesive pattern onto the fabric. The flock is then applied using an electrostatic hand applicator or overhead flock hopper. Larger scale production is carried out using rotary screen printers and inline flock hoppers allowing fabrics to be coated on a reel to reel basis.     
      Flocked Airbed           Assorted Products
Many of the items that utilise the properties of flock are not obvious until you start looking for them. Flock is used to create seals between meeting components and as dust seals on bearings and chain saw blades. It is used as a surface coating on various filter cartridges. The textile industry uses it on spinning cones to give controlled friction on threads and on cleaning rollers on spinning machines. Paint pads and paint rollers are flocked to carry paint and apply it evenly.     
Flocked Helmet
      Cosmetics           Cosmetics, Medicine and Hygiene
A flock tray system is a popular method of flock coating small items which are easily handled, such as jewellery boxes and small toys.
The adhesive coated objects are held above the special tray and the charged fibres in the tray are attracted to the adhesive coated item. Flock is applied to hair curlers, powder puffs, eye shadow applicators and perfume bottles. Medical applications include dental floss, swabs, lens polishing cloths and urine bags.     
      Flocked Ornaments           Ornaments
Flock provide the artisan with another dimension to play with. It is used on a variety of surfaces from porcelain and pottery to painted canvas. It is used to coat the base of items so they don't scratch polished surfaces. Christmas decorations regularly feature flocking.     
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